Wholesome Nutrition for Wholesome Health

The food choices we make every day affect our health . Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Wholesome is high quality nutritional supplement that has been specifically designed to assist in the nutrition, fitness and health goals of individuals. It provides protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, minerals and energy requirements in a balanced way. Wholesome when mixed with water/milk makes a delicious drink that can be used as nutritional supplement or as a meal replacement.


It helps in growth of the muscles, bones, skin and blood. Helps in body repairing tissue.


It is easy to digest & provides an ideal energy boost throughout the day.


helps to improve blood lipid profile, lowers the risk of cardiovascular complications and helps maintain the healthy weight.


  •   PDCAAS 1
  •   High Biological Value Protein
  •   Medium Chain Triglycerides
  •   MUFA rich Fat Profile
  •   Lactose Free
  •   Trans Fat Free
  •   Essential Micronutrients
  •   High Solubility & Rapid Dissolution