Wow Mom

A Delicious Nutrition for Pregnant and Lactating Moms

It’s always important to eat a balanced diet — and it’s even more important when the woman is pregnant because what she eats is the main source of nutrients for her and her baby. However, many women don’t get adequate nutrition with daily foods.

Wow Mom has been scientifically designed keeping in mind the increased nutritional requirements of expecting mothers. Wow Mom is a protein rich supplement that contains high quality protein and DHA, which is essential for physical as well as brain development of the foetus. Besides protein and DHA, it also contains many essential nutrients and vitamins, which play a significant role in baby’s health and development. An unborn child is fully dependent on the mother’s intake and this is why WowMom should be a part of the daily diet.

Wow Momprovides

HBV (High Biological Value) Protein :

It will enhance healthy weight gain during pregnancy and transport nutrients and oxygen to and from the cells throughout the body.

DHA , Folic acid and Choline:

DHA an omega 3 fatty acid that is not present in the human body. DHA has a major role to play in brain growth and formation, ~ 60 per cent of brain tissue comprises of fatty acid and half of these acids are DHA.

Dietary Fiber and FOS (Fructooligosaccharides):

Dietary fiber supplementation will decrease constipation, lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of preeclampsia. And support healthy digestive system.

Calcium and Vitamin D:

It helps to build strong bones, teeth and aids the absorption of calcium.


  •   High quality protein, PDCAAS 1
  •   DHA, Choline, Folic acid
  •   FOS
  •   Low fat supplement