Specialized Nutrition for Hepatic Care

Patients with hepatic disorders are exceptionally vulnerable to developing inadequate nutrition in their body because of the key role played by the liver in regulating the nutritional state and the energy balance.

LiveWel is a specially designed nutritional support for people with liver disorders. It is calorie densed and facilitates increased calorie consumption with minimal fluid intake. It is rich in Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCCA), MCT’s Dietary Fibres, and Antioxidants as they facilitate complete liver health.


To support and preserve/restore muscle mass and to improve hepatic encephalopathy

High MCT

Medium Chain triglycerides are very efficient in metabolizing and digesting in GIT.

Dietary Fibres

Allows regular bowel movements, controls cholesterol, and helps normalize blood sugar level.

High Antioxidants

Blocking the damage caused by free radicals thus heals wounds and also participates in vital redox reactions of the body

USP of LiveWel

  •   Low Fat, Low Protein, Low Sodium
  •   Amino Acids & BCAAs
  •   Powerful Antioxidants
  •   Medium Chain Triglycerides
  •   Fibre Enriched