Our Values

Enabling Business Model

At Zenova Bio Nutrition, we empower our partners in the business of Medical Nutrition to enrich lives.

To meet today’s challenges healthcare providers need condition specific nutritional solutions that optimise their business entirely.

Rise in chronic diseases due to lifestyle changes, increased disposable income, malnutrition and awareness is fuelling the growth of the Nutraceutical market that is expected to grow from the current USD 357.04 million to USD 718.89 million by 2021 with a CAGR of 11%.

We are focused on nutrition supplements that support different stages of the health of the patients, as they offer the potential for growth and profitability. We offer the best opportunity for growth due to very few competitors and price advantage. Zenova Bio Nutrition has the people and the skills to bring you effective, across-the board solutions that result in efficiency gains, improved growth, and enhanced profits.

In short, our business approach is about creating more value together by offering:

Research-based competitive “Condition Specific Nutritional Product”

Contract Manufacturing

Product Life cycle management